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Photo Credit: Anibok Studios


Mom | Internationally Published Natural Hair, Fashion, & Beauty Blogger | Editor & Founder of itsmeladyg.com | Creator of Youtube Channel “itsmeladyg” | Contributing Writer to the Huffington PostWomeneur.com | Health & Wellness Activist | 2017 Expo East Top InfluencerCreator & Organizer of The Fab Mamas Meetup Group | Brand Influencer | Brand Consultant | Online Presence Management Consultant | Plant Based Eater | Holistic Health Coach Student at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 


About The Blog


Welcome to itsmeladyg.com (pronounced It’s Me, Lady G). Itsmeladyg.com is a lifestyle, beauty, and mommy blog dedicated to making healthy, fearless living less intimidating. By sharing real-life experiences, research based educational pieces, on health & wellness, mindful living, beauty, family and everyday life itsmeladyg.com’s mission is to help women start their own positive journey


About Tiffany aka itsmeladyg

Tiffany aka itsmeladyg (pronounced It’s Me Lady G), is a native (and current) Brooklynite mom. The name “It’s Me, Lady G” originally came from a nickname she was given based on her love of Harry Potter. (“G” stands for Gryffindor: one of the houses in the Harry Potter story that lived up to a list of admirable character traits such as bravery, nerve, and courage).

However, as she came into her own, the “G” starting taking on new meanings and additional nicknames from herself and others. These names included:

Lady “Green Living”

Lady “Good Eating”

Lady “Get Up and Go” and so on…

So when she started on her internet journey, she embraced the names she was given in celebration of her  “quirky” qualities, by affirming them all with the statement, yes…”It’s Me, Lady G”! The name serves as a constant reminder to celebrate the things that make you feel joy and confidence.

It was in this spirit of “going against the grain” which led her to creating platforms which encourage women to explore, and embrace life, health, and wellness while thinking just a little outside-the-box. She hopes to inspire women to become curious and educated on topics that can improve their health, spirit, and overall well-being with her practical, real-life, research based approach.

In addition, Tiffany’s personal health issues that were not cured by allopathic healthcare led her towards a more holistic and natural lifestyle. She was able to fix her hormonal and adrenal issues through her own research and application.

This trial motivated her to overhaul her life and commit to a toxin-free life and led her to a more plant based way of eating. It is with this passion that she helps her readers, audience, family, and friends by guiding them towards their own healthful journey through science and fact based posts sourced from reputable websites such as NutritionFacts.org and PubMed.gov. Tiffany is currently pursuing her health and wellness education by studying Integrative Nutrition and with a certification in Health Coaching. Click HERE to see her verified certification information.


With a BBA and hands on experience in Marketing and Sales with companies such as Nike, Tiffany has been called on by several companies as a Brand Consultant and Developer. She has helped to increase web presence, clarify purpose, marketability, and affordable social media strategies.


She has also worked with brands to introduce them to her network of women’s groups through event and blog sponsorships and information sessions. Tiffany is also a contributing writer for the Huffington PostWomeneur.com, a platform made to connect, enlighten, and empower startups, business owners,  and career women.

Tiffany’s commitment to helping women embrace and explore new possibilities has led her to speak publicly at several conferences and women’s empowerment events. In addition, she has mentored and provided advice to many women and business owners through her writing contributions and personal counseling sessions.





Some of the brands that Tiffany has partnered with includes Bed, Bath & Beyond, The New York Times Travel, Foxwoods, Circle Line, The American Museum of Natural History in NYC, Legoland, HelloFresh, Wonder Curl, The Maca Team, Amazon, Pura D’or, Circle Line, Private RX, UmTele, several public relations firms, multiple Etsy businesses, dozens of small businesses and NYC establishments, and more.  She is also called on as an influencer and attends countless events in an effort to increase brand awareness.




If you are interested in collaborating or contacting Tiffany aka itsmeladyg, email her at tiffany@itsmeladyg.com.


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